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The idea is to actually safe what you do in a node based editor. However by having no mouse input, modelling in grasshopper makes only sense for very repetitive tasks, like doing some complex patterns, which would be a pain by doing them manually. I try to add some surfacing tools in it, because grasshopper cannot fully mirror Rhinos Tools. I have only two years in experience of pure class A, which is nothing compared to people in my company having up to 20 years. Good surface modelling tools are important, but people being able to use them are really rare, especially those who are willing to write a manual or even coding some tools. And some basic concepts of class A cannot be fully achieved with pure Rhino, so everyone doing class A, will tell you that using Rhino even with VSR would be problematic. However if I find some time I could write down some basic concepts.


Autodesk Alias Class A Surfacing Tutorial

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