3d mining equipment models

Tiled 1. November Tiled , the open source map editor, the open source map editor just released version 1. Details of the 1. Scripted Extensions The biggest change in this release is the introduction of the scripting API , which allows you to extend the functionality of Tiled with JavaScript. Scripts can implement custom actions, custom editing tools and add support for additional map or tileset formats. Almost everything that can be modified through the UI can be changed through a script as well. Scripts can also connect to certain events to automate actions, for example on loading or saving an asset. Any changes made by scripts automatically create appropriate undo commands, which can be grouped together using the Asset. Scripts can be grouped in folders to make it easier to share them with others, for example by cloning a git repository into the extensions folder. Tiled automatically reloads the scripts when it detects a change to any loaded script file. Many of the issues reported here can also be double-clicked to jump to the relevant location for fixing the issue. While Tiled may encounter many issues of itself, for example when AutoMapping or exporting to certain formats, issues can also be reported through the scripting API.


Autodesk Maya 2019, Zbrush, Substance Painter - Stylized Minecart

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