25 Of The Best Drum Plugins In The World 2016

Intuitive and streamlined user interface makes creating your own sound palettes incredibly quick. A huge choice of different sampling and synthesis algorithms gives you unprecedented control over your drum sounds; with 96 instrument slots DR far surpasses the competition in every respect. DR is quite simply the most advanced and capable software drum module on the market. Its design and architecture is quite unique and puts it on a different level to other packages commonly regarded as being in the same class.

Yet, despite and indeed because of its advanced architecture, it remains as quick and easy to use, and at least as CPU-efficient, as any of its competitors. If you're new to software synths and drums, don't be put off by this: Basically, DR has a large and extensible library of modules built for a variety of tasks - sampling, analog-modelled or other forms of synthesis, MIDI event processing for performance features, pattern sequencing, and import filters.

When loading ready-made kits or samples, however, it automatically knows the right ones to use Sampling Sample playback is key to many peoples' drum sound - whether it be realistic velocity-layered acoustic kits, warped and mangled waveforms, or simple and quick playback of a large palette of one-shot hits and fx.

DR comes with four different sample playback algorithms each optimized for a different task: DR's modular architecture really comes in to its own here: Want an analog hi-hat? Just pick one of the analog hi-hat models and tweak the five or six parameters until you get the sound you want. All parameters are, of course, fully automatable. These easy-to-use modules let you easily create layers, rolls and flams that you can trigger with a single key. Sequencing An integral part of DR is the built-in pattern sequencing.

Unlike other virtual drum modules, DR has pattern sequencing you can trigger from MIDI keys, to quickly build groove menus and variations. Make sure you demo these two extras if you're checking out the DR! Sound Library When you just want to get composing, having the right sounds available at your fingertips is vitally important.

We also have an online file exchange area where users can share kits they've made themselves with the rest of the DR user community. Workflow DR is an immensely powerful machine - but power alone is no good without the ability to control it. That's why we spent a lot of time making DR faster, easier and more convenient to use: Multiple select lets you pull in an entire directory of waves at once. With DR's preview-in-context, it's a breeze: As each sample or preset is hilighted, it will play in the context of your song - auditioning a huge directory of sounds just got a whole lot easier.

Preset management: Intelligent kit management: DR has smart management of drum kit files, never again will you find yourself in a situation where your song is rendered useless simply because you moved some samples around on your disk. MIDI Learn: Just click the Learn icon, move a control on DR, move a fader or knob on your control surface, and you're done! Compatibility In this day and age, it's very important that all your software works together.

And with its publicly-available Module Developer Kit, other individuals and companies can develop a wide range of new modules for the DR system - current developers include DelayDots, TenCrazy, and Smart:: Performance Because DR only loads modules as you need them, and each module is highly optimized for a specific task, DR is much easier on the CPU than other drum modules which attempt to carry out a variety of functions with a single fixed architecture.

Of course, DR has the same high-quality bit internal processing and sample-accurate timing that you've come to expect from soft synths today. For more information, please visit this products webpage.

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