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Autopano Pro and Autopano Giga are image-stitching software applications. Trial information How do I get a trial version? You can download a trial version from the Download Center. Is the trial version limited in time or features? The trial version is not limited in time but in features: Generated virtual tours have a watermark. Virtual tours can only be viewed locally, not on the internet. Mobile export is not available. Are there resources available to help me evaluate the trial software?

You have access to the full technical support section , that includes text and 'video tutorials and the documentation. You also have access to the forum creating a forum account is free and you can still contact the Kolor team in case you have specific questions.

How do I convert my trial to a purchased version of the product? You don't need to install the application again. You just need to unlock the trial version with a registration code that you can purchase on the Kolor Store. Purchasing Policy Licenses How can I get a full license? You can purchase a full license on the Kolor Store. As soon as your payment is confirmed it is immediate for the majority of card or Paypal payments , you receive your registration code by e-mail and you can use it immediately.

How do I upgrade my license to the latest version? In your User Account , under the "My Upgrades" tab. I bought your software but it isn't what I was looking for, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no. Since we offer full versions of our software to trial, with no limitations in time or functionality, with only a watermark on the end product, we can not refund your purchase of a license. This is also mentioned in our Sales Policy. Can I modify my license login? Once a icense is generated it can't be modified.

If you update your e-mail in your Client Account , then any future license purchased will use the new e-mail as a login. Licenses are non-transferable. You cannot give away or resell your personal license. If you are interested in reselling our solutions, please contact us at reseller[at]kolor. All our software applications are to be downloaded.

This enables you to download an update as soon as it is released on our website and therefore always have up-to-date software. Should you want to keep a copy on a CD-ROM, feel free to burn the latest version of the installer file that you can find on the Download Center. Can I install the application on several computers? The license of Autopano is a single-station license, i.

However, Kolor tolerates the installation of the application on several computers for individuals and self-employed persons insofar as you are the only user of the application on these computers. What if I change my computer or operating system? You don't need to buy a new license, you just have to download and reinstall Autopano, and use the registration key you received when you purchased the application.

If you lost your registration key, you can retrieve it at any time on your User Account. If you change your operating system for example, if you move from Windows to Mac OS , you can use the same registration key. When you buy the program, you are asked to specify your operating system only for statistic reasons.

Do you offer Education pricing? Kolor is committed to promote the potential of panoramic photography to the most possible people. In this effort, Kolor offers special prices for students, teachers and schools. Refer to the Kolor Education Program. Do you offer volume pricing? You can find the volume pricing on some product pages of the Kolor Store , or contact the Kolor team to get a quote.

Updates and upgrades Are the bug fixes free? All bug fixes of a main version example: What is the update and upgrade policy? All minor updates are free example: The major upgrades example: You can upgrade from Autopano Pro to Autopano Giga at any time and you only need to pay the price difference between both applications. You can therefore begin with Autopano Pro and then switch to Autopano Giga when you are ready for it. You will find this upgrade possibility in your User Account after purchasing Autopano Pro.

Stitching the panorama and the software itself: What image formats are accepted in input? See this page. Can I stitch RAW images? Yes, but it's not "recommended". It is best to treat your RAWs in dedicated software beforehand. I can only save my panorama as a. When you save as a.

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