advanced" the fonts were set to automatically deactivate on shut down, restart, log out or when fontexplorer x pro was quit; the unicode range "basic latin" did not appear in the output from the "print." />

Linotype fontexplorer x pro 6 64 bit

Reinstalling your macOS supplied fonts. Preface I first want to mention the notation of file locations. By 'notation' I am referring to the path name. This should help novice computer users and those unfamiliar with standard notation to learn how to navigate to the folders mentioned throughout this article. I can't tell you exactly what the path to your home account looks like since I don't know your short user name , so here are some handy notes of reference. A file specification is the entire path from the root of the volume it resides on to the end of the file name. For example, here is the file specification for the Terminal application: The following words: I use them interchangeably throughout this article. These lists also include the fonts most needed for the web, iLife and iWork. The fonts listed should always be active on your Macintosh for macOS and should not be removed. From the font lists below, the San Francisco font set is used throughout the system font display purposes. This set, and the fonts HelveticaNeueDeskInterface. You will need Administrative access to delete fonts from this folder. It is advised to save them for future use. Create a new folder on your hard drive and copy them there first. See section 6 on how to permanently remove Apple's supplied versions of Helvetica and Helvetica Neue if this is important for you. Other than those fonts the OS absolutely requires to function, when it comes to the fonts you prefer to have on your system there is no right or wrong list. My idea of required fonts is based on years in prepress. So like most shops, the number of fonts throughout the system is kept to a minimum in the effort to make sure you will never have a conflict with the fonts a client sends with their project. Actually, the prepress and full service printers I've worked and freelanced for usually have a much shorter list than even those presented here. Sometimes the barest minimum of fonts they can get away with and still have the OS function. Such shops normally have no unnecessary software installed on their work stations; just what's needed to get production work done. This bare minimum setup has some advantage, but you will then be missing many fonts commonly used on the web. What then happens is that your browser ends up substituting the missing fonts with whatever is available.

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