List of finite element software packages

Its intuitive modeling capabilities make it easy to generate models of conventional buildings that have complex structures and numerous elements. To streamline the modeling of structures, midas Gen lets users utilize its structure wizards which allow them to quickly generate models by simply defining parameters. The integrated solution also offers users the ability to perform various structural analyses such as construction stage, floor vibration, pushover, inelastic time history, heat of hydration, and nonlinear analysis.

Furthermore, midas Gen is built with a powerful post-processor which permits engineers to generate different load combinations so they can analyze and evaluate reactions, displacements, member forces, and stresses.

Last but not least, midas Gen helps users automatically create designs and models that adhere to structural design standards such as Eurocode. With this integrated solution, engineers can apply various types of linear and nonlinear structural analyses. A linear analysis is a process of understanding how structures react to forces or conditions applied to them and verifying whether or not those structures will be displaced or swayed beyond their elastic limits.

On the other hand, a nonlinear structural analysis is a method that allows displacements to exceed the elastic limits of structures but checks if the structures are designed to effectively deflect the forces applied to them or reduce the damages that such forces or conditions may cause.

Analyze Construction Stage And Floor Vibration The building design and analysis solution uses algorithms so engineers can obtain accurate results as they perform structural analyses. One type of structural analysis that they can do using the software is construction stage analysis.

Here, they can access different material properties of concrete that are time dependent. They can also conduct floor vibration analysis wherein they will be able to evaluate how floor structures react to walking loads through dynamic time analyses.

Pushover Analysis Another type of structural analysis that can be seamlessly conducted using midas Gen is pushover analysis. The solution allows users to accurately simulate force and displacement that are happening incrementally, permitting them to set up different types of hinge connections, model and control force and displacement, and calculate the reactions of frame structures to loads and forces that are applied to them sequentially.

Inelastic Time History Analysis And More Engineers can also evaluate the seismic design attributes of structures using inelastic time history analysis. They can immediately apply whatever data they gathered from the time history records and use their parameters for conducting inelastic time history analysis. The other types of structural analyses that users can perform are heat transfer and heat stress analyses, and geometric nonlinear and plastic analyses.

User-Friendly Graphical User Interface With Multiple Model Windows midas Gen is built with a user-friendly and intuitive graphical user interface GUI that simplifies how engineers do structural design modeling and analysis.

The GUI is comprised of multiple model windows which permit users to visualize the specific components of their models in separate windows.

Because each model window collects data from the same database, any data manipulation and control they perform in one window will be updated across the other windows. Explore Structural Models Using Walk-Through Functionality The GUI is also equipped with a walk-through functionality which enables engineers to explore multiple views of their models using their mouse.

This makes it easy for them to see and analyse detailed components and elements of their structures. Also, they can apply animation effects as they use this functionality. With this feature, users will be able to adjust the transparency of specific components included in their structural designs and models.

Thorough analysis and clear output in minutes! Reinforce all your concrete details! Automatic identification of optimal reinforcement layout for given loads and supports. DXF import of any shape. Overall check according to the code. Welcome to IDEA StatiCa Engineering software dedicated to structural design and code-check of joints, cross sections, beams and other details.

Last chance to buy cheap! Modeling considers an elastic-plastic material model for all the elements of the joint — plates, elements, bolts and welds. Prestressed bolts and plastic behavior of the welds are also taken into account. Analysis of stress and strain of all connections and joints. The load is applied in increments, the corresponding stress and strain is calculated and evaluated.

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