Photoshop CS5: The Missing Manual

Recent and upcoming titles include: The Missing Manual by J. The Missing Manual by E. Roth 1 Introduction The Web was a pretty boring place in its early days. Web pages were constructed from plain old HTML, so they could display information, and that was about all. Folks would click a link and then wait for a new web page to load. That was about as interactive as it got. These days, most websites are Buy Photoshop CS5: The Missing Manual mac os as responsive as the programs on a desktop computer, reacting immediately to every mouse click.

What Is JavaScript? JavaScript is a programming language that lets you supercharge your HTML with animation, interactivity, and dynamic visual effects. JavaScript can make web pages more useful by supplying immediate feedback. For example, a JavaScript-powered shopping cart page can instantly display a total cost, with tax and shipping, the moment a visitor selects a product to buy.

JavaScript also lets you create fun, dynamic, and interactive interfaces. Or you can do something more subtle like stuff more information on a page without making it seem crowded by organizing content into bite-size panels that visitors can access with a simple click of the mouse page Or add something useful and attractive, like pop-up tooltips that provide supplemental information for items on your web page page It lets web pages respond instantly to actions like clicking a link, filling out a form, or merely moving the mouse around the screen.

Google Maps lets you view a map of your town or pretty much anywhere else for that matterzoom in to get a detailed view of streets and bus stops, or zoom out to get a birds-eye view of how to get across town, the state, or the nation. While there were plenty of map sites before Google, they always required reloading multiple web pages usually a slow process to get to the information you wanted.

The programs you create with JavaScript can range from the really simple like pop- ping up a Buy Photoshop CS5: The Missing Manual mac os browser window with a web page in it to full-blown web applications like Google Docs http: While JavaScript is well respected today, it has Buy Photoshop CS5: The Missing Manual mac os somewhat checkered past. JavaScript has nothing to do with the Java programming language.

In the early days, JavaScript also suffered from incompatibilities between the two prominent browsers, Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer.


Photoshop CS5 The Missing Manual - EBOOK ON CD

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