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March 21, The main reason that I like this is that you can build your website with it and avoid using Templates offered by your webhosting provider. This way you can keep you website portable and move it to another Webhosting company for a better price or better service if the need arises. You cannot create a website from scratch with an upgrade to Microsoft Publisher because they removed that capability from it, though supposedly you can manage an existing Website with that was originally built with Having said that, things are laid out a little different with the version, but the worst thing is that it does not have a "Publish to the Web" button to upload changes to your website. I suppose there is another way to do it, but who has the time to study up on new software when the older one works just fine? I assume that is a 32 bit program and that is a 64 bit program but my Windows 7 Professional Operating System is backward compatible to 32 bit programs, and since working on my website is done slow and methodically, I don't care if the version might run a tad slower on my computer. My website has been up for 4 years and was built with Microsoft Publisher which was the very first and only time I ever built a website and put one online.

Buying Older Version of Microsoft Publisher

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