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Apple's OS X is generally a bit easier to use, particularly on a desktop, but its support for multiple monitors and backwards compatibility is inelegant and clunky at best. For that reason, Windows computers are generally a bit cheaper to buy. If you've got users that just need email, word processing and web browsing, Windows 7 computers are probably the best bet: If you've got Mac-specific applications, OS X Lion is a great operating system, but make sure you get a Lion server on the network to help lock the machines down. Microsoft may rule the roost when it comes to desktop operating systems, but Apple has been staging a strong fight back with the combination of OS X and its desirable hardware. Now, with the latest version of the Unix-based OS, It's a little strange to compare the two operating systems directly, as Apple's OS can't be divorced from its hardware and you can't buy Lion separately to install instead of Windows 7. That said, if you're looking at changing the computers you've currently got you may be wondering if it's time to switch people over from Windows to OS X, or vice versa. Licensing Microsoft offers discounts for Volume Licensing for businesses, with a wide variety of different options. These licenses aren't actually full versions, but upgrade versions of the OS, requiring that your existing PCs already have a licensed version of Windows already installed. For companies purchasing Lion through Apple's Volume Licensing scheme, there is a minimum 20 seat order. However, OS X There are no further discounts from Apple, and there's just the one version of OS X for consumers and businesses alike. It's fair to say that Mac hardware is more expensive than standard PC hardware, so you need to factor in this cost, too. Specifications Processor: Mac OS X v


Top 7 Hidden Features in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

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