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Reaper Connect to Cubase Using Cubase, the AXR4 reaches its full potential, thanks to its ability to record and playback in bit integer format. The AI version offers a one-stop solution for studio-quality recording, with the same audio engine as the popular Pro version. The mixing application for the AXR4 makes the setup of the unit with your chosen audio production software very straightforward, with full access to all necessary routing and controls.

A metering window also provides an excellent overview of all input and output levels. A full 28x24 matrix mixer has been incorporated to satisfy professional-level monitoring and system-related requirements, for example routing inputs and DAW or system audio to a mix bus. Five different windows give comprehensive control over all settings: This guarantees an excellent overview of all levels and routing at all times.

These settings can be saved to the AXR4 to recall different scenes, depending on the chosen workflow. Technology Insights Raising the bar for professional-quality sound The AXR4 audio interface raises the bar for professional-quality sound to a new level.

At the core of the interface is the high-speed data throughput necessary for professional-level recording, with a vast array of inputs and outputs providing all the connectivity that high-end audio set ups demand. Four combo inputs are equipped with digitally-controlled state-of-the-art hybrid mic preamps, each with switchable Rupert Neve Designs SILK technology for the most musical sound possible. With bit integer recording at up to kHz, DSP-powered, latency-free monitoring, advanced SSPLL jitter suppression and a flexible 28x24 matrix mixer, the AXR4 is a truly exceptional audio interface for studios, producers and professional musicians.

Flagship hybrid microphone preamps with Rupert Neve Designs sound The microphone preamplifiers at the input stage of every audio interface provide the fundamental character of the overall sound.

The AXR4 features extraordinarily natural-sounding hybrid microphone preamps, developed by Yamaha, which are available for use on all front input channels. Rupert Neve Designs SILK Recording engineers have used microphone preamps designed by the legendary Rupert Neve for many years, giving their sound a highly appealing touch of natural compression and saturation. SILK processing adds power and flair to take that exquisite sonic quality to new levels, giving sounds that tend to get lost in the mix new life and intensity.

In addition, a continuously variable Texture control musically shapes the harmonic components to best suit the sound source.

SILK can be used on all mic input channels, either to specific channels or to all mic input channels to add depth and perspective to the overall mix. The latest virtual jitter reduction technology As more devices with clocks are added to an audio system, a problem arises as the clock of each beats against the others, creating additive audio band jitter.

The traditional solution to this problem is to add expensive master clocks with VCXOs and sample rate conversion. However, thanks to audio equipment becoming more affordable, some manufacturers use cheap clock solutions which, in some cases can lead to equipment stopping working properly. SSPLL is currently the most advanced technology for virtually removing audio band jitter, it is highly robust and extremely tolerant of wide variations in clock frequencies.

We have set a new standard by including bit integer converters, which capture the subtlest nuances of every recorded signal in the most precise, transparent manner. Thanks to this exceptional resolution, even the tiniest audio detail is maintained throughout the entire production process. The right choice for creatives and professionals The AXR4 can connect to a huge range of musical instruments and audio equipment, making it an ideal interface for any professional sound application.

Inputs 1 and 2 can accept Hi-Z signals, so electric guitars and basses, MIDI equipment and any kind of studio equipment or playback device can all be used. With a range of analog and digital output options and up to three units able to be daisy-chained via Thunderbolt 2, the AXR4 has all the connectivity required for professional production situations.

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