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This article covers six ways to get Word and Excel for free. Read More. The 3 Best Online Office Suites 1. The main reason to use Google Docs? Not ideal, but better than nothing. It also has support for advanced speech-to-text voice typing. The best aspects of Google Docs: Track changes and version histories for documents. Real-time online collaboration with up to 50 simultaneous users. Offline editing that auto-syncs as soon as you come online. Integration with other Google services, including Gmail and Calendar. Use hundreds of free fonts from Google Web Fonts.

The best alternatives to Microsoft Office

Jun 8, - Generic Company Place Holder Ashampoo Office It's almost as good and a lot cheaper, but you can tell the difference right off. May 1, - Still, if you seek a cheaper alternative to Microsoft Office and only work with Excel and Word, there's no reason not to give Ashampoo Office. Jun 30, - That is, unless you take advantage of Ashampoo Office which provides you with many of the same features, albeit a far cheaper price. Although.

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Ashampoo® Office Free

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