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For you it might be that way but it isn't a "fact" at all. N-gon are not necessary for modeling and are oftentimes only a crutch to get to the proper results.

If it's your workflow and you feel you need n-gons: But please stop advertising something that is personal taste in workflow as the truth.

Click to expand You still miss what N-Gon support really means. To repeat it: It is no personal taste when you need workarounds over workarounds to achieve your goal, when you can do the same job with one mouse click in another app. Missing N-Gon support is simply a big handicap. The Blender tools are limited to the tris and quads architecture that is underneath. You directly modify faces only. The highest access to edges is that you can collapse them, and weld them to one vertice.

With N-Gon support you could also modify edges or vertices directly when the tools would exist. I can select my edge tool, can start at any point of one edge, and end at any point at another edge. No need to care about the created N-Gons at this point. I can even add a vertice somewhere at the face. And connect it with other vertices by edges in any way i want to. And because Blender triangulates every N-Gon away immediately, manipulating and destroying my mesh that i want to shape.

As you say - you simply jump into shaping without wanting to think and plan your model first. That's the thing right there: Thinking about what you want to shape is vital for a solid and clean mesh - at least if you want to create it in a fast amount of time. I have full control over the mesh. I can change and clean the mesh topology at any point of the process. I can fully concentrate at what i want to achieve. But i need to think and plan the modeling workflow part in Blender.

Because i always battle with the N-Gon limit at one point. And the point when i want to change something at the topology afterwards is the moment where Blender really bites me into my butt. Call me old fashioned, but I want to decide how my mesh has to look. I am the artist. Not Blender. And which are a real time savers. That is what i mean with better. And this is not a thing of personal flavour, sorry.

Those things are facts. On the free sector there is nothing more complete than Blender in a loooong way. And i even share your point that everybody should give Blender a go.

As told, and just in case you have overread it: I even submit bug reports very regularly. The poly modeling part stays weak and outdated though.

And it will stay that way until BMesh is fully implemented. And even then it may last years until Blender becomes equal powerful as the current modeling apps.

In the end it's always the artist not the software. I use and compare. Because it brings nothing to lie to myself. When Blender would be the better modeling app, then i would use it.

That easy. Maybe you should do that too. Give other modeling apps a go. Then decide.

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