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Printers and Faxes: Trash in the Dock: Use the trash can icon in the Dock to delete files. Just drag your files to the icon at the end of the Dock. Use the Capture application to make screenshots. Order Search: Find command, Sherlock: Use the Find command from the File menu to find files and documents on your disk. Use Sherlock to find information on the Internet. Posted by Jon Chappell on Jun 9 to Apple , Hardware , Software Using Frame Controls in Compressor Compressor has some very sophisticated technologies in the Frame Controls tab of the Inspector to enable it to perform high-quality resizing, retiming and deinterlacing of footage.

These are incredibly useful but it is very tempting to set everything to "best" when it is not at all necessary and causes a significant impact upon the processing time. So what this post aims to do is outline what each function does and when it should be used.

Firstly, if you are not resizing, retiming or deinterlacing footage, do not switch Frame Controls on at all. Resizing controls When an image is resized, new pixels need to be calculated.

If you downsize an image, an area that was once 10 pixels could now be 2 pixels and vice versa if you are upsizing. Compressor goes through the resulting image and calculates what each pixel value should be based on the value at that point in the original image. These are not always integers.

For example, a pixel at point 3,3 in the resulting image might correspond to point 2. We found that a dual 1GHz G4 ripped and compressed around 1. Like ripping MP3s in , ripping video takes substantial time investment, very expensive hardware, or both. Though we have seen only a few in the field, Apple is ready. Large color screen iPod's largest-yet display also offers bright, sharp text, and lots of it. Long song titles fit easily, and unlike our 4G iPod, when highlighted they scroll horizontally so you can read them in full, pausing again at the beginning before repeating.

Photos are large and sharp as well, and iPod provides full-size thumbnails for photos imported from cameras.

This large, bright display comes at a cost; Apple advertises increased battery life, but with the backlight on as it is by default , iPod runs down its battery quickly. Apple claims 14 hours for the 30 GB model and 20 hours for the 60; we think this is wildly optimistic.

Turn off the backlight to maximize your battery life - as with previous iPods, the display is quite readable in sunlight or bright indoor light. Previous iPods and iBooks and PowerBooks have had far more realistic battery life claims. As of this writing, both are back-ordered, so we can't evaluate them. Buyers of the new iMac may be able to dual-purpose their iMac remote control to use with the Universal dock.

The new iMac is back-ordered, too. Apple has removed iPod's remote control connector at the headphone jack, instantly obsoleting every third-party remote currently sold.

Future remotes will require the Dock connector - which precludes using it for power, or requires a to-be-created multifunction device. Apple also moved the iPod's hold switch to the other side of the top, while moving the headphone jack from its centered position to the right side of the top. High quality audio recording - maybe We note that iPod's tech specs page now say that voice recording is available at two quality levels: Low High-quality mode sounds like exactly the CD-quality audio recording customers have been requesting since iPod first got recording capability.

But with the demise of the remote control connector, there is no microphone or accessory that fits this iPod. We're sure that somebody will quickly fill this gap; it's a natural fit for a company such as Griffin Technology, which already makes the outstanding iTalk microphone for 3G and 4G iPods. Other Notes Interface iPod segregates music and video playlists, sort of. Video-only or music-only playlists appear only in Videos or Music, of course.

It's awkward to describe, but in practice it just makes sense. We noticed this only because some of our Smart Playlists happened to select videos. You can't add videos to On-the-Go playlists, though. A subtle but wonderful change it took a while to notice: Previous iPods did, as well, but only one level back.

If you were in a specific playlist, then backed out to the top menu, iPod would remember your location inside the Playlist, but if you went into another menu branch, it would forget your location. The 5G iPod remembers your location in each branch.

While it zooms forward and back through menu branches quickly, scrolling perceptibly stutters while playing music. This is absent when iPod isn't playing music. We've never seen this on previous iPods.

An advantage to specified-hardware platforms is that developers can optimized performance very precisely. Game developers exploit this to wring every ounce of performance possible out of a game console such as PS2 or Xbox while not going over the edge, while the same game on PC or Mac may run slowly or lag from time to time.

As with previous iPods, clicking the center button while playing audio steps you through several modes: Large artwork is sticky; unlike other modes, it doesn't revert to default after a few seconds of inactivity. Read More Warning: Microsoft will prompt you to download and install other files along with this; make sure you deselect everything except Word Viewer and the Office Compatibility Pack. Windows, Mac, Linux Price: If you have an active Internet connection, you can use the free Office Online instead.

I've recevied my Receipt of payment already, and it's processed through my bank account. This does not make me very happy at all. I too am looking for this converter to add music to my Verizon phone. I figure Apple does not want us moving songs onto the Windows platform. If anyone knows a workaround for this I would be interested.

It seems like all the converters I find for macs do every other conversion but that one. Hi Makemusic, The only app out there for Windows media conversion so far as I know are the products offered by Flip4Mac.

Specifically, the product you would be most likely interested in is the WMV Studio. It should easily accomplish your exporting needs. Easy setup. Expensive, especially if you only need to stream to a single room. Seeing Is Believing iTunes anywhere is great, but why stop there? Why not take your Mac media server to the next level and start recording video or sending streaming video to other rooms the way you send your music?

The Pay-as-You-Go Solution: The TiVo can also display photos and play music from your networked Mac—which makes it useful for audio streaming as well, if you hook it up to your stereo. Also, although the latest version 2. Mac owners have a lot more options with ReplayTV.

Leopard 10.5.4 update

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