CyberLink Power2Go 10 Platinum (Download)

These work effectively for your main drive where your operating-system and applications reside when they will improve load times but you are not as necessary for ones data drives. Standard hard disk drives come in speeds starting from 7200 RPM to 10000 RPM. The 7200 RPM is often fast enough for some functions even so the 10000 RPM will be necessary if that you are processing a wide range of animation or editing video as are quite drive intensive.

The summation coming from all of this is that you have what you buy. Purchasing a workstation class computer that has a higher speed i7 or Xeon processor, 4 GB of RAM per core along with a Quadro graphics card may result in a daunting price rather than a standard PC.

CyberLink Power2Go

Quickly create complete, bootable Windows recovery discs ONLY Power2Go 10 Platinum comes with CyberLink's easy-to-use System Recovery Wizard. Protect your system from hard drive failures or malicious viruses. Power2Go lets you create a full backup of your Windows system files and data. Jul 27, - Power2Go has ability to burn mixed media onto any disc type, establishing it as one of the most flexible solutions available. The addition of. Jan 15, - Its big brother, Power2Go 10 Platinum, includes a complete disaster recovery tool, which can burn a system recovery disc which includes.

How do you get Power2Go 10 Platinum?

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