Turn Your Gas Grill Into a Smoker - Simple Woodchip Tray

You can set in and out marks with keyboard short cuts and also by clicking on the grey in and out buttons underneath the player. They also have added color-coded actions when dragging and dropping clips from the media library directly from the timeline. Adding effects to clips in the timeline can be done using the menu bar, right clicking or selecting the effect from the FX Ribbon.

The effects can be copied to other clips and saved in the Library for later use. Autodesk has added a menu bar across the top of the application to make it easier to access many functions throughout the application. They have also reduced the system requirement in terms of screen resolution, necessary graphic cards and added the ability to render and transcode to a lighter codec ProRes , rather than uncompressed DPX frames. Autodesk has vastly improved the conform process in Smoke with the new conform module.

It makes conforming a lot easier and a visual process. Although it is a supported video codec, Smoke was not able to import the audio from the file as well as video. I checked the same files in Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro and they both were able to load the audio and video without a problem.

I found editing the program in the new UI fun once I got the hang of it. It was very easy to get to the cut I wanted using a combination of insert and overwrite edits, lifts and ripple trims with drag-and-drop edits automatically adding layers to the timeline. I figured out how to change audio levels by adding edits and using the gain effect to boost the volume of the VO.

With the edit locked, I moved forward to the main dish, compositing the greenscreens. How did Smoke do? The keyers in the other apps picked up on the high compression in the source footage right away and pulled a decent key with little trouble.

Where Smoke really shines is in the ability to add a deep node-based composite to any clip in the timeline. For the first time, ConnectFX allows many more folks to experience what Flame artists have been using for years, the node-based compositing environment called Batch in Flame , which was recently upgraded to function in full bit float.

Using the ConnectFX pipeline, I was able to stabilize, key, correct layers for lens distortion, color correct the foreground and background plates, add a light wrap and a vignette inside of one ConnectFX pipeline. Even better, once I got the look I wanted, I was able to drag and drop this set-up to all the shots from the same camera angle in the sequence.

There is also AREA, where you can post your questions http: It really takes a lot of courage to take a successful product and rethink it from the ground up. When it asks for your passphrase, enter your Mac user login password, and follow the instructions given by the installer. Restart your host product, and the new plug-ins should appear in your effects menu.

Select a Spark and the name should now appear on the button. Click again on the button to initialize the Spark. Select the source and destination clipsand the Spark interface window should be displayed. Installation notes: Sapphire v9 and v10 can both be on your system at the same time, and you can continue using v9 as usual even after installing v However, please be aware that the names of the sparks are the same in both versions, which can lead to some confusion, and sometimes the older version may continue to be used unintentionally.

For more information check the on-line doc after you install the software. New in v Preset Browser: Added the ability to specify whether the thumbnails use static images or dynamic rendering. Make sure you have one or more of the following Autodesk products on Linux: Flint or greater, bit Flame or greater, bit Inferno or greater, bit Smoke or greater, bit Burn or greater, bit On your Linux workstation, become root and use the rpm shell command to download Mb and run the appropriate installer: For 64bit systems on RHEL 4 or greater, type:

How much does it cost to get Autodesk Smoke?

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