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A story that shows you that, in addition to building your business, a blog comes with many sideline benefits you could have never imagined. In addition to attracting more than 70, subscribers, I launched a top marketing podcast on iTunes, and released a web tv show that amasses around 10, viewers per episode.

The revenue ramped up fast, and Social Triggers was able to evolve from a one-man show to a real company… with a virtual team… and everything. Social Triggers releases some of the BEST content for people looking to use the web to build their business. Or in other words, I do good work. To see the full list, look at the conversation on Facebook right here. Unfortunately, I can tell you this: The REAL reason why my blog took off is because I was able to get my good work into the hands as many people as possible.

Luckily, that can be taught, but more on that later. Yes, I launched a blog in an overcrowded space. Yes, I created good work… and promoted the heck out of it. If you look at the facts, I averaged less than 3 blog posts per months over the course of 21 months to build my blog. All I knew was this: Some of the conferences were weird—one was about server hardware, another was about sports, another was a large company that wanted me to speak to their marketing executives, and etc.

And before I knew it, even though I wanted to speak once per month, I had enough engagements to speak like once a week. There were a few hundred women in the audience. Previously, I would have to travel to a conference to do something like that. Send one email to my list, and I could have hundreds of people show up at a live event in NYC. I was so defeated, that I stopped trying.

I got paid either way. You might have been on one of my webinars where I give great training… and then follow it with a pitch. Prince Mahidol Awards This award seeks out and recognizes outstanding contributions to medical research and public health.

Up to two awards are given annually, one for medical research and one for contributions to public health, each worth USD, Winners and their immediate families are flown out to Bangkok to receive the award and are asked to speak at an annual conference and to lecture at universities. The award is prestigious; many previous winners have gone on to win the Nobel Prize in Medicine. May 31 Weston Brain Institute: International Outstanding Achievement Award In , the award will recognize a Canadian-based investigator who, in the past 15 years, has made exceptional contributions, through translational research and leadership, to accelerating the development of therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases of aging.

The ideal candidate should also be active in research in the next 5 years, and have a record of impeccable citizenship in the research community. Royal-Mach-Gaensslen Prize for Mental Health Research The annual national Prize provides funding to outstanding rising star researchers who are affiliated with a Canadian academic or clinical research institution in the field of mental health, to encourage them to continue to pursue their research interests.

Jul 16 Events Description: Translational research in medical renal diseases:

How much is a monthly subscription to - Foundations of Photography: Night and Low Light? BC Children’s Research Institute workshop lecture: Dr. Martin Franklin Wednesday May 9th

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Learn photography online from hundreds of online photography courses from basic composition to Get tips on photo editing, studio photography, and lighting, too. Start My Free Month . of any photo, including stock images and mobile phone photos, to get professional-looking results. Photography Foundations: Flash. Ben Long is an award-winning photographer and senior editor at Macworld magazine. Ben is a San Photography Foundations: Night and Low Light. Preview. Learn software, creative, and business skills to achieve your personal and professional goals. Join today to get access to thousands of courses.

How much is a monthly subscription to - Foundations of Photography: Night and Low Light?

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