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Applies to: Adobe InCopy Adobe InDesign release of InCopy The release of InCopy CC November addresses designers' most pressing needs and renders everyday workflows frictionless with speedier app performance, unparalleled stability, and time-saving features. Footnotes that span columns Now, while working with a multi-column text frame, you have the option to insert a footnote that spans across multiple columns.

Based on the selection, this option makes all the footnotes in the document either span across the columns or revert to the original behavior. The option to span footnotes across columns is enabled by default for a new document created in InCopy CC However, the option is disabled by default for an existing document created in an earlier version. For more information, see Footnotes. When selecting text or a text frame, you can click a badge that contextually displays the OpenType properties applicable to the text selected.

Additionally, you can now preview how a particular OpenType property looks. If mixed fonts are present in the selection, then OpenType properties for all the fonts is displayed. In-context menu for text frame selection Apply OpenType properties to more than just one character. Now, when you select a text frame or text in a text frame, InCopy identifies the applicable OpenType properties for the selected text and provides an option to apply them.

For more information, see Using fonts. So now, when you select 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and so on, InCopy automatically suggests applying the Ordinal property to it. The ordinals are restricted to the English ordinals as of now. The same is applicable for standard ligatures. For more information, see Using fonts and Formatting characters. Stylistic sets OpenType fonts usually have some Stylistic sets in them. InCopy display these stylistic sets as Set 1, Set 2, and so on.

It is hard to figure out from the name what kind of stylistic set this may be. With this feature, the name of the stylistic set provided by the Font Developer is leveraged and shown at various places in InCopy wherever they are referenced. Hyperlinks panel performance In previous versions of InCopy, if your document included many hyperlinks connected to the hyperlinks panel, it used to load slowly.

With this release, the Hyperlinks panel loads much more quickly and gives much improved performance over previous versions.

How much is InCopy CC 2015 for mac uk? conrad chavez | blog

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how much is InCopy CC 2015 for mac uk?

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