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With a new release, as a user, one looks for new features and enhancements, which seem to be limited mainly to online and mobile enhancements, although 2D graphic performance has been dramatically boosted. For companies that have hundreds of users working off desktops, the web and app enhancements are irrelevant.

How to buy AutoCAD Raster Design 2018 standalone?, it is looking to streamline its support services by reducing the number of products, although this will not reduce the volume or complexity of service calls from the different engineering disciplines.

However, combining all the products into one offering is only part of the strategy. Autodesk is relentless in its drive to eliminate perpetual licenses. Unwelcome News for Perpetual License Holders They say there is no such thing as bad publicity, and this is definitely a slogan in which Autodesk implicitly believes.

Not only are perpetual license holders excluded from acquiring the new AutoCAD product, they have already been notified last year that there will be a considerable price hike for their maintenance agreements. These are: When you consider that many of these customers have been using AutoCAD for years, this must be causing them to seriously rethink their dependency on AutoCAD. Surprisingly, the reaction via social media appears to be quite muted. There are also licensing considerations, such as when the subscription expires, that add complexity to the transition.

The Autodesk website has a series of FAQs around the change to What will the Long-Term Effects be? That remains to be seen. We saw earlier how ESRI had to backtrack on their plans of how to buy AutoCAD Raster Design 2018 standalone? perpetual licenses due to user backlash.

ESRI claimed that they listened to their customers and had a rethink about their strategy. Bentley already started offering disgruntled AutoCAD users attractive discounts to move to Microstation a couple of years ago. Solidworks too, is tempting Autodesk users to make the move. Another surprising development is a growing secondary market in AutoCAD perpetual licenses in Europe.

European law allows the original purchaser to on-sell his software license when he no longer needs it. How to buy AutoCAD Raster Design 2018 standalone? is probably only valid where the buyer is located in a EU country or the UK until Brexit takes place, and the vendor is required to offer the same support to the new customer that the old customer would have had.

This ruling has been accepted by Autodesk, as they are subject to the legislation, and the change is a fairly simple process, with a four-page form to fill in and return to Autodesk, who then effect the transfer. Perpetual license-holders have the options of giving in, continuing to purchase maintenance agreements at ever-increasing prices, dropping the maintenance license agreements or taking their loyalty to another company entirely.

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how to buy AutoCAD Raster Design 2018 standalone?

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