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There are six icons at the top of the pane: Speaking of the Adjust tab, there are no new sliders, unfortunately. Reset, Copy, and Paste. In both modes, they can also be accessed from the contextual menu that pops-up when you right- or control-click on your image; or via their keyboard shortcuts: Snazzy e-mail An e-mail composed using one of the new templates in iPhoto ' Instead of the traditional attachments that you've been accustomed to, you must now choose from eight templates: When the recipient opens the e-mail, they are greeted with your photos integrated into the selected design.

You have the option to additionally attach the images optimized or actual size in a zipped archive. Essentially, your entire iPhoto library is now source material for your own electronic greeting card factory. There are tradeoffs, however, for this new feature. The new templates limit the number of photos you can attach to There is also a limit to how much type you can include, depending on the particular template.

And you only have two file size options for attached photos: Keep in mind that you can work around these changes if you want. A new e-mail will appear with the images attached.

You can then choose among four file sizes actual, large, medium, and small and add as much type as you want. Or you can go the other way: Your entire iPhoto library is available to you for attachments.

Simply drag the images you want from the browser to the e-mail, and those images will be included in your message. Better Facebook, Flickr, and MobileMe integration Choose which existing Facebook album you want to upload a photo to, or start a new one.

Now you can directly upload an iPhoto image to an existing album or set, in addition to creating a new grouping altogether. For Facebook, you can also update your profile picture directly from iPhoto, and even tag people. Since iPhoto is actually synced to the images you upload from the application to the online site, changes you make in iPhoto will be reflected in Facebook and Flickr too.

Books and Cards look pretty good too The new interface for designing books is flat out beautiful. The next screen lets you choose your theme with great looking examples for each option. Its first attempt should look pretty good, and for good reason. The code base for the Book tool has been completely rewritten with some fun new touches. Your key photo for the album becomes the cover; Face Detection is used for proper framing of people shots; and photos within a timeframe are grouped together.

If you want to tweak individual pages, add text, or move things around, click on the Design button in the lower right corner to open the full design editor. Browsing the many picture book design templates. The design tools are easy to use. And once again, working in Full Screen Mode is fun.

As the feature suggests you don't actually have to use Mail, just know your email account details to get the feature running. Pocket-lint Keeping it as simple as possible all you have to do is select the images, and then choose the template you want in the email - it's pretty and your mum will love it.

Images are embedded into the email, but you can tick to have them saved as attachments, and overall it's a much simpler way of doing things - rather than finding the images, saving them to your desktop, dragging them into an email and pressing send.

Pocket-lint Your email photos never looked so good, so you've just got to hope that the person at the other end isn't looking at them on a BlackBerry or something. Elsewhere there are new slideshows - oh wow - and more book designs to choose from with your images automatically fed into the design.

Apple told Pocket-lint there is a range of algorithms running its stuff to make sure the picture makes sense. That means it looks at things like the date you took them, how big the faces are in the picture and whether you've rated them something that you probably haven't and when we went to create our own book with some holiday snaps the automatic algorithms worked very well, even though we hadn't rated the pictures. Finally there are letterpress cards which look pretty, but are expensive; who sends cards these days anyway?

That aside, what is new to iMovie is ability to make trailers, new audio editing functionality, some new instant one-step effects, the ability to analyse people, but not faces in a shot, and a handful of new themes. Apple might be shouting about the new trailers feature, but in reality it's a totally pointless experience that will serve no purpose unless you have zero creativity and want every video you take to be the same.

Pocket-lint It's basically a pre-structured template that lets you turn your trip to the beach into a horror movie trailer at the press of a couple of buttons, because it seems iMovie people are just gagging to do that. What is handy however, are new audio controls that mean you can edit the audio quickly and easily without having to go through the rigmarole of splitting out the audio file from the video file.

In our test it turns out it's incredibly helpful as you can isolate elements of the audio if they are too noisy. You won't be able edit the audio file to pick out voices over a noisy background, but it will help if one of your clips is louder than the other. Other tricks up its sleeve are the ability to do instant replay at the click of a button something that has taken about 40 minutes of effort before a Flash and hold effect that looks as if you are taking a picture of your footage mid-scene which then holds on it for a brief second, and help with jump cuts to the beat.

These will be your new friends if you're looking to spruce up your home movies without spending hours reading "how to" guides on the net. Like iPhoto, sharing has also been bigged-up here and so there is now greater support for YouTube, Facebook and other social networking services and sites including the ability to output your uploads in p.

Handy if you are looking to impress on YouTube or Vimeo. GarageBand GarageBand 09 worked well and continues to do so, but the trouble with making a good product to start with is that you don't really have that much movement in adding new features. Here the focus is on improving your rhythm and timing, even if you haven't got any.

Is Apple iLife 11 worth buying? Apple iLife 11

This is no different from the '09 version of the software, with the exception that you can now get a rating of how well you did going through it. Doing this is as easy as hitting Is Apple iLife 11 worth buying? little star Is Apple iLife 11 worth buying? on the far left side of any track. For example, you're not influencing everyone you need to in order to close the sale. Ive a quick question. True, it has some neat new effects: Antivirus solutions and the Virus signature model have also proven inadequate because of the turn around time required to update signature files and the amount of resources such systems use to scan 's of files. Most B2B software sales involve several people making the purchase decision, and community outreach, featuring ASUS' exclusive SonicMaster technology with large speakers and resonance chambers to provide more powerful sound and deeper bass? Rush to get your free base model and the PowerBoost. Perhaps it uses the same algorithms as those people who find the image of the Virgin Mary in a cupcake's icing.

Is Apple iLife 11 worth buying?

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