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High-tech industry original equipment manufacturers OEMs who design and market products like computer equipment, networking and telecommunication equipment, medical devices, consumer electronics, etc. Improving efficiencies in product design and supply chain Thin margins and shorter product lifecycles mean there is little room for design inefficiencies and iterations. Any kind of rework, quality issues, or inefficiencies in design and manufacturing can further increase the cost of production and impact profitability. As contract manufacturing increases, it is imperative to limit rework and ensure maximum efficiency across the supply chain to control costs. Designs that require multiple iterations between supplier and OEM will often lead to delays in production schedule and increase overall costs. In our experience working with high-tech companies we have learnt that major causes of production delays and cost overruns are due to late design changes occurring because of manufacturability issues identified on the supplier side. Issues related to producibility, standardization, and assembly are frequently reported late either during design reviews or when designs are sent to suppliers for manufacturing, leading to rework and delays. There are numerous designs produced by OEMs worldwide on a continuous basis.


What's new in DFMPro 4 0 for Creo Parametric

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