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Photoshop class features Instructor clarity and presentation quality If you plan to devote a significant number of hours to a Photoshop course, you will want an instructor whose explanations are clear and concise. In this section of our ratings, we critique each instructor on the clarity of his or her presentation. We also discuss the accessibility of each course. Are supporting materials provided? Do technical issues detract from the course? Is the course compatible with various web browsers and mobile devices? What about the quality of the online interface? Topics covered, overall comprehensiveness, and skill level required With a program as comprehensive and longstanding as Photoshop, no introductory course could ever hope to cover every aspect of the software. In this section, we summarize the topics covered by each course and their usefulness for the average user. We also address special considerations that would be of particular value to photographers, graphic designers, web designers, film-makers, and illustrators. Although each course on our shortlist is aimed at beginners, some require a bit of background knowledge on topics such as photography, computer file formats, printing, and color theory. We reveal what type of prior knowledge, if any, is required for each course. We also provide an assessment of each course's level of difficulty. - Photoshop for Photographers: Portrait Retouching Software

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