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While the dates are estimates, the good folks at PTC have been setting ambitious goals to achieve the roadmap objectives. MathCAD intended for the verification, validation, documentation and re-use of engineering calculations Two noteworthy takeaways from the roadmap: But MathCAD has made upgrades easy. First, its support website is always getting better — easing the process of downloading software updates and licence files. Second, multiple versions of MathCAD can be installed simultaneously on the same computer. I have Prime 3. When combined with collapsible areas, this combination provides all levels of protection to make critical calculations editable, uneditable, or hidden. Areas can be protected by setting MathCAD User Reviews & Pricing password on that area. This allows users to view the calculations, but not edit them. The display state of a protected area can be locked as well. Locking an area in its collapsed state hides MathCAD User Reviews & Pricing content of the area, but the area is still used by the worksheet. To add a verification level to the protection, a timestamp can be appended when protecting an area. Speed editing Speed is key, especially when editing large or complex documents. The performance increases range between 2 and times faster, depending on the operation, based on performance testing done by the MathCAD team. Larger files will see a greater improvement. The largest improvements are in the areas of page setup: Moderate improvements occur with MathCAD User Reviews & Pricing manipulation: Finally, some improvement will be noticed when making format changes to text or math regions. Plot performance has also improved by increasing the datasets frompoints per trace on an XY Plot in previous versions of Prime to 2, points per trace in Prime 4. Line wrapping I remember my undergraduate studies, where the homework problem MathCAD User Reviews & Pricing a single problem that took 10 pages and 3 hours to complete. Can you imagine a spreadsheet equation, with MathCAD User Reviews & Pricing those parenthesis, displayed on a single line? First, checking and verifying it would be impossible. Prime 4. Equation Breaking in Prime 4. Anyone familiar with an Office application knows how to insert an Object, either by creating a new object or by inserting an existing file. The dialog for the insert object command usually includes an option to display the file as an icon or to link the embedded object to the original file. Finally, MathCAD is getting the same functionality as office documents, that in my opinion, is well overdue. MathCAD is supposed to be a mathematical documentation system.

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