An Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server Licensing

Table 1: When running SQL Server in a physical environment, licenses must be assigned to all of the physical cores on the server. The process to determine this is relatively straight forward: It is recommended that you engage your Software reseller to determine which option best suits your SQL Server requirements factoring Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Standard buy key server role, access, technical requirements etc. So how many licenses do I need? The previous release of SQL Server was commercially available in four editions: Ascertain how many cores there are per processor keeping in mind the minimum requirement of four cores per processor Count the total number of cores A total of twelve cores are present, therefore 6 SQL Server Per Core licenses packs of 2 are required Example 1 The Per Core option is often the preferred licensing option when: The following Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Standard buy key need to be identified: Some of these may be relatively straight forward, others not so and the commercial implications could be significant. VM1 will therefore require four core licenses VM2 has six virtual cores A total of eight cores are present, but four are required Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Standard buy key VM1 therefore bringing the count up to ten virtual cores, so 5 SQL Server Per Core licenses packs of 2 are required Example 2 Note: Enterprise edition Standard edition Developer The key difference here being that the licensing and product function of Business Intelligence edition has been absorbed into the Enterprise edition. Some use cases to be aware of As we have touched on here, there are a number of different licensing models available for SQL Server depending on the scenario and use case. SQL Server Express is available as a free download from Microsoft, but it must be noted there are limitations on its supported system requirements. The purpose of this post is to cut through that complexity at an introductory level and then delve deeper in future posts. Do you have active Software Assurance on your SQL estate and as such access to benefits such as passive failover licensing? Did you find this information useful? Is access to the SQL server enabled via multiplexing?

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Standard buy key

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