Microsoft Office 2019 vs. Office 365: How to pick the best one for you

Updated July 5,5: Office vs. Office is the the traditional Microsoft Office product, MS Office Standard 2017 price for a one-time, up-front fee. Officeon the other hand, is the new way Microsoft wants you to buy Office. Rather than paying a hefty up-front price, you pay a monthly or yearly fee and get access to the latest version of Office for as long as you pay the fee. You also get additional OneDrive cloud storage and access to the Office apps MS Office Standard 2017 price tablets. You can choose a subscription that allows you to install Office on up to five different computers, sharing it with your family, or just get Office for yourself. Office A Traditional Software Product Office is a traditional software product. After paying the up-front fee, you get an Office license. This package does not include Outlook, Publisher, and Access. You can download and use Office for as long as you want. You own it.

MS Office Standard 2017 price

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