Microsoft Office 2007 End Of Life

Upper MI First, just for clarification's sake, there is no Access 64 bit Runtime or full for that matter. The problem with trying to get 32 bit Access apps to work in an Access 64 bit environment Full or Runtime is that certain Long variables need to have the 64 bit Long version instantiated in the underlying code. That is where most issues of running 32 bit Access apps in 64 bit versions of Access come from. The Access 64 bit Runtime is more constrained than the Access 32 bit Runtime. My experience has demonstrated that pushing out a 32 bit Access app to 64 bit Access can easily run into problems. But installing Access 32 bit Runtime on any Winx 64 bit machine has never been problematic when deploying an Access 32 bit application. If you are not running Access 64 bit Full anywhere, I suggest using the Access 32bit Runtime instead of the 64bit version - even on those 64 bit machines. Access Runtime might not run an Access developed app, but an Access app will more likely than not run on an Access runtime. So, if you're working with Runtime, I'd stick with the Access 32 bit Runtime version for deployment across the board. Then, it should matter if you're developing in Access or 32 bit. On the other hand, if you ever need to develop in Access 64 bit, you need ensure your targets all have at least the Access 64 bit Runtime.

Office Access 2007 64 bit

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