Library Materials V-Ray for Sketchup comes with an extensive materials library that can be used directly. Since some of the materials use textures it is necessary for the user to manually set up the tiling of the texture by either adjusting its size or changing the UV tiling as seen in the video. All materials in the V-Ray materials library can be edited which allows us to start with a material that is similar to what we need and then further adjust it to meet our needs.

This is the standard V-Ray Material which allows us to create a wide range of physically accurate shaders. You can use textures to control most of its settings like diffuse, reflection, refraction, glossiness etc.

We will create materials like Paint, Metal and Glass and in the process, we you will be able to see how the main parameters of the Generic Original Chaos Group V-Ray for SketchUp 4 Software Price work. The commonly used parameters are: Can be used to create reflective materials like metals. This is used in simulating materials that have a thin transparent coat that also reflects, like plastics or varnished wood.

Additionally, most refractive objects like glass reflect light in this manner. A value of 1. Lower values make the reflections blurrier. Note that in order to create materials like glass you also need to have Fresnel reflections enabled. It allows us to simulate the effect where thick refractive objects look less Original Chaos Group V-Ray for SketchUp 4 Software Price than thin ones.

It is a good idea to avoid setting those to completely black or completely white as this is not physically accurate. But those parameters should never be pure white even for very reflective or refractive materials. The material settings are pretty straight forward but it is important to note that objects with this material do not shine direct light into the scene. A texture can be specified as well.

The settings are very intuitive: By default, this color is black 0. It has Diffuse, Sub-surface scattering and Specular reflections layers. This material is greatly affected by the scale of the geometry. Increasing Original Chaos Group V-Ray for SketchUp 4 Software Price value increases the SSS effect making the object more translucent. Index of Refraction — controls how light is bent as it enters the surface.

The default value of 1. When it is set to 0. Brighter colors cause the material to scatter more light and to appear more translucent; darker colors cause the material to look more diffuse-like.

Larger values make the material more translucent. Positive values make the light scatter forward into the volume of the geometry and negative values make the light scatter backwards. Forward scattering happens in water based materials like skin or fruit, while backward scattering happens in hard materials like marble. Procedural Textures This section covers the usage of procedural textures to control some of the parameters of the V-Ray Material.

Original Chaos Group V-Ray for SketchUp 4 Software Price textures are textures that are generated using a mathematical description or algorithm.

This can be useful when we need to fine tune the colors of a texture and we do not want to constantly switch between photoshop and SketchUp. Using V-Ray Interactive rendering and the color correct texture we can quickly get the result we need. It allows us to add some randomness to a Original Chaos Group V-Ray for SketchUp 4 Software Price. In this case we use it as a bump map to add small detail to the wall. The difference between the two is that bump mapping is a shading effect - it changes the surface normals of the shaded point so that it looks as if there are dents and bumps but the original geometry remains unchanged.

This is clearly visible if you look at the geometry at a steep angle, you will see that the surface is actually flat. This creates brand new geometry. The effect is much more accurate and looks much better than bump mapping but it is also harder to calculate as it requires more RAM to store the new geometry and more raytracing for all the new faces in the scene. Export Materials To A Library In this section, we cover the process of exporting a material to a library.

This allows us to store materials that we often use or to share materials with coworkers. For each module, you can find a scene file with the same name. Advanced Materials.

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Chaos Group posts basic system requirements for each version of their V-Ray powerful processor, especially if you first max-out the number of video cards. CPU rendering in V-Ray, and don't mind spending several times the price of the is appropriate for whatever other software you plan to run alongside: Cinema 4D. V-Ray for Unreal introduces the fastest, simplest way for architects, product v Chaos Group V-Ray Next for Unreal This item is not available for purchase. your original materials from V-Ray for 3ds Max, Maya and SketchUp remain .. is a leading reseller and distributor of video software products and plugins. V-Ray for SketchUp provides you with faster rendering, better lighting tools, and the ability to create and visualize complex sce.

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