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Add Yours What defines an exemplary social media campaign? What are the best recent social media campaigns online?

How can we measure the success of a social media campaign? A Brief Intro It is definite that things in life are never just black or white; they usually come in different colors and shades which naturally applies to everything we do, see, touch, feel and so on. Recentlyone of the main focuses of companies with online presence and dedicated communities is creating and designing original, top-of-the-line, creative and motivating campaigns using social media.

Here is where the colors come in play! Yet, after conducting some research, I have been able to highlight 10 brands that were able to pass the test with flying colors! Ford using social media to promote the new Fiesta — Ford was able to find the right target audience for its Fiesta and market to them in an intriguing manner.

Target's Bullseye gives Elements of Success how can it work for YOU? The success of social media campaigns, and utilization in general, does not, in any way, rely on some magical formula or any Original - Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter Software ingredients we might need to acquire from the belated witches of Salem!

Yet, it is a careful mixture of simple and valuable elements which need to be present before, through and after the implementation of any social media campaign. Some elements could be very obvious, while others need some research and attention to be achieved. Not every social media channel will bring about the positive feedback Original - Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter Software are waiting for!

Take time to choose the team who will be in charge of executing your social media plan. It is not about the quantity, it is about the quality, remember that! Experience and already established online PR agents or staff members will be of a higher value to your campaign in comparison with anyone with a lot of free time to waste!

Again, content is king! This could be easily used against you! Just as it is important to know your target market onlinelearning more about your online target audience is very important! This will not only help you know where to find them, it will also guide you in designing the campaign that will intrigue them and lead them to take actions!

You are under the microscope; play nice! Be innovative and try not to imitate whenever Original - Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter Software. You might use the same social media channels others are utilizing but try making your benefit and reward systems varied. Your audience is not always looking to get a free coffee! The ROI should always be bigger, or at least equal to, the invested money, time, effort and resources that you are putting in the project.

Adding games, puzzles and teasers can be very addictive! In a nut shell, though it might be tricky to implement each of the above steps within the right time frame, remember something: And finally, allow me to leave you with the following question to think about: What can be done when your campaign takes a wrong turn?

Is there a kill switch for social media campaigns? Further Readings:

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