Review of Macphun Intensify in 2019

Macphun —developers of the popular Snapheal and FX Photo Studio—recently debuted Intensify , a photo editor that specializes in enhancing image details. It works with a variety of image formats, including Raw and PSD pro version only. While targeted to a mainstream audience of photo enthusiasts, the software will also prove useful to pros looking for a different take on an image fix. Intensify, which works on bit Macs running OS X We tested the Pro version. In addition to administering photographic fixes, Intensify also lets you share images to the usual social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. A large number of adjustable one-click presets lets you get a massive amount of detail out of your photos. You can set up the app to show a simultaneous before and after comparison to keep track of your changes to an image, and you can use the Eye icon to preview changes. The interface performed smoothly for enlarging and navigating around images. The program sits in a convenient application window with top and righthand toolbars featuring the controls and presets. Image layers let you edit easily and nondestructively. Use the draw tool to paint effects into specific parts of your picture. Preset action The app offers two main image-fix techniques: Presets and Adjust. Presets, for which Macphun has relied on professional photographers to develop, come in eight main categories: Within these categories reside between 2 and 16 separate settings that you can apply to an image from 1 to percent intensity. Once you know what these presets do, you can have a one-click perfect fix for an image, or even for an entire shoot. An RGB histogram gives a visual representation of your image with toggle buttons that let you see where photos have been clipped for highlights or shadows. Each preset has an adjustment button which leads to the underlying controls it applies.

Price of MacPhun Intensify Software Macphun Intensify Pro

First of all, with more plug-ins to follow. Produce images of high quality Intensify helps you create images of high quality? But the company has big plans forwhich helps you discover the hidden beauty of your photos. They were showing off two new plug-ins called Intensify and SnapHeal. Intensify solves your problems with its detail discovering technology and Price of MacPhun Intensify Software the structure and details of your images to make natural contrast! Our proprietary Offset offers you precise adjustments over highlight and shadows, you can browse through different categories of presets and choose the style you like. I have previously reviewed Price of MacPhun Intensify Software products in their Whether you are looking for the entire Microsoft Office Suite or extra programs like Publisher or Access, we carry a variety of software options to get the right software for your home or business. Images would look otherwise plain and boring with no eye-catching detail and Intensify aims at sharpening all the subtle details in your images in a controllable way and making them eye-popping. Snapheal Pro 1.


MacPhun Intensify Pro

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