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SharePoint licensing can be confusing to decode. While we typically work with clients who have dedicated Microsoft licensing advisors, we realize sometimes you may be looking for a ballpark number on the licensing to see if SharePoint may be an option from a budgeting standpoint. In general, there are some important variables that can influence the estimate. Knowing these up front and why they are important can be helpful as you move forward. There are other tools available that leverage cloud solutions, including SharePoint Online, but those are outside of this scope. All license estimates will be based on the Microsoft Open License without software assurance. What does your user base look like? How many users will you have? How many are internal? How many are external? Why this is will matter: A forecast of the number of users will be used for Capacity planning for your SharePoint farm. Each server will require a server license. So the number of users may increase the cost of the server licensing. This article does a good job explaining it. Note the section on external connector licensing is no longer required for SharePoint My take: So, for Portal projects you are catching a big break. For Intranets, you are paying more than previous versions, but this is still a reasonable license cost compared to most of the other players in this space. Device CALs because this allows the users to be licensed for all their possible access devices including smart phones, tablets, and home computers. How many SharePoint servers will you need? Will you need redundancy? Why this will matter: Each server will require a SharePoint server license. At some point you will need to make some decisions on redundancy, load balancing, and fail over. Slowness is typically avoided by sizing the farm correctly also called capacity planning.

Price of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise Software What’s new in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

Make use of more advanced business intelligence capabilities in Excel and Excel Services SharePoint Server now supports the following enhanced business intelligence features and functionality in Excel Services: Search Centers Site owners can create and maintain Search Centers, and can customize the styling and settings that affect search results. Software requirements The requirements in the following section apply to the following installations: Single server with built-in database Server farm with a single Price of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise Software in the farm Server farm with multiple servers in the farm Important SharePoint requires a minimum Price of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise Software Directory domain and forest functional level of Windows Server native. Important SharePoint does not support single label domain names. Other improvements include a fresh look and feel, one general purpose and four intended for specific scenarios, such as transparent dashboards that enable you to use custom background images. Although we recommend deploying the latest Windows server version,SharePoint only requires Windows Server R2 as minimum. Special-Purpose Server-Side Licenses Eliminated SharePoint had five types of server-side licenses, there is an offline app available for it, control and stop levers must be located on the basis of convenience of handling. Top of Page Site customization This release of SharePoint Server offers a new theming experience that guides you through a quick process to change the look of your site and make it unique.

Price of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise Software


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