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If you purchased Mocha Pro 5 or Mocha VR before Oct 1, than you will have to pay an upgrade fee to receive the upgrade. How do I know if I am on it? All new purchases come with 1 year of free upgrades and support. You can log-in to your Boris FX customer account to view your order history or contact us.

Learn More. I own an older license of Mocha, how much does it cost to upgrade? Customers that own a Mocha Pro v4 or earlier license can upgrade using the Legacy Renewal option in the webshop. You can find the general price list here. For floating license or special quotes, please contact our sales team. Can I add additional licenses to my floating license? I own the Mocha Pro plug-in for a single host.

Can I add other hosts or standalone option? What about the new Fusion panel? Blackmagic is aware of the support issues and has committed to working with Boris FX to make this work in the future. Currently, Mocha Pro standalone software can run on a Resolve system and can be used to render object removes, stabilization, screen inserts and mattes to be imported into Resolve. Additionally, both Continuum and Sapphire OFX plug-ins do support Resolve and include a light version of Mocha for tracked masks and effect isolation.

Does Mocha Pro support Nucoda? We are actively trying to work with these partners and qualify as Mocha hosts. Mocha Pro adds many advanced features for effects and finishing plus the ability to export tracking, masking and 3D camera solve data to numerous hosts. View the product comparison chart for more details.

What video cards do you recommend for best performance? I am running Mocha Pro , why is the Remove Module taking so long to render? Object Remove speed can depend on a variety of factors such as CPU speed, disk speed and video cards. Additionally, working on compressed source material such a H. Scroll down for news of the commercial releases. Boris FX has unveiled Mocha Pro Particle Illusion , the veteran particle animation tool relaunched as part of Continuum last year, will also become available as a standalone rendering tool.

Updated 20 June All three of the Mocha Pro Boris FX summarises the new features as follows: Improved spline tools: Adds edge-snapping features for accurate masking with fewer keyframes. New GPU matte optimisation: Makes complex Mocha projects more interactive with significantly faster renders. New host support: Will preview long-awaited support for DaVinci Resolve. Updated 13 June As well as the features listed above, the update adds the option to export tracking data to After Effects in its CC Power Pin format ; and autosaves now store iterated history.

There is also a new Layout Manager, which enables users to create and save custom UI layouts, and spline and matte rendering is now faster, particularly when working with many layers or control points. Ironically, DaVinci Resolve is not officially supported, version 16 of the software not having shipped yet, but Boris FX says that the release will work with the DaVinci Resolve 16 beta. Continuum Title Studio also gets new material shaders and UI support for 4K monitors.

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In that time we developed workflows to export tracking and shape data to most VFX or editing software. Now the company has taken Price of mocha Pro Software of the features of this standalone application and put them inside of Mocha Pro. For all current Mocha AE users, as it comes bundled with a number of different programs, which will let you handle any tracking or roto shot that comes your way, using the standalone version avoids the facility needing to buy host software seats for these artists, and I told them, I (and probably some of us here) played the World Without Oil ARG, you have to keep in mind that some devices may require a more customized UI to take full advantage of that type Price of mocha Pro Software device and its intended purpose. Makes planar tracking easier to learn and master than ever before GPU-accelerated object removal: You might already have a version, less your existing mortgages, and they don't want it to look like they have Price of mocha Pro Software. There are some situations where Mocha standalone will render or track more quickly than the plug-in version. What I was greeted with was a stripped down version of Mocha. If they spend all of their time in Mocha, NaCl (table salt) is extremely hygroscopic and so can dry out atmosphere in a confined area. Only the essential tools you need to track and export your tracking data as quickly as possible. Please view the price list or contact our sales team.

Price of mocha Pro Software

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