Prosoft Data Rescue 5 Windows Reviews

Many Windows data recovery solutions pass this test with varying degrees of sufficiency, but sometimes an app comes along that outperforms even this by blending two solutions into one. This is the case with Data Rescue, a data recovery solution created by Prosoft that as a company has gained extensive knowledge in data recovery since its founding in Data Rescue offers up the crucial data restoration functions, such as performing deep scans based on different criteria and even restoring files and folder structures to their former format. And although the price tag of the paid version can be a bit unsettling, this is a data recovery solution totally worth every single dime — and not just because the license is yours for life. The biggest reason for this is the fact that there are actually two software interfaces, one intended for less tech-savvy users called standard mode and the other one called professional mode. There are a few interesting additional elements to the software, however. Having a built-in help guide is useful, for example, but the fact that Data Rescue can scan image files — particularly disc images — and the innovative ability to add new recognized file types via manual addition is something to be appreciated. Interestingly, the software can also be set to send emails to you after certain actions are performed, such as with a failed scan or successful data recovery. Other choices include whether to perform a quick or deep scan and which drive should be scanned. Speaking of which, Data Rescue requires a temporary storage location for drive scans and this cannot be the same drive as the one being scanned. More important than that, however, is the fact that the number of drives that can be scanned is limited to just five in both the demo and standard versions, which is unblocked after purchasing the hugely overpriced professional version. Another frustration is the saving of scans, since the standard mode only allows one scan to be saved — meaning that it will always overwrite the previous scan — yet even the professional mode is limited to no more than 15 saved scans.

Prosoft Data Rescue 4 license

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