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X Where to Buy You can save a trip to the store and buy online direct from Intuit. The nice part is that you can download it immediately. Also right now as of this posting if you buy Quicken Deluxe or any of the Quicken 2010 Home & Business Software advanced products you can get Willmaker Plus for free. No thanks, but how about a getting started managing your finances card? Nope not in there. Documentation Yeah not so much. Apparently Intuit wants to foster some social networking and let us learn from ourselves. This is a disappointing way to be introduced to this product. In the help menu you will find some guidance, albeit terse. No actual user manuals. Quicken The Official Guide Quicken Press Quicken Press just put out an official guide to using Quicken that might also be helpful for getting up to speed with this latest version. It was written by Maria Langer who is a freelance writer, helicopter pilot, and long-time Quicken user. A former financial analyst with a degree in accounting, she is the bestselling author of the previous editions of this book. It covers the Quicken Deluxe and Premier versions. Topics Covered by the Official Guide Customize Quicken for your preferences Quicken 2010 Home & Business Software your cash flow Set up Online Account Services Automate transactions and tasks Reconcile checking, savings, and credit cards accounts Track investments and optimize your portfolio Monitor assets and loans Reduce debt, save money, and plan for retirement Simplify tax preparation and maximize deductions Quicken Startup Screen In an effort to get you going as quickly and easily as possible they provide a 3 step process to get your accounts setup, enter your recurring bills and then go on to budgeting and savings goals. The process is quick and painless and does a decent job getting you up and running with the basics. It almost makes up for the lack of documentation. My smallish credit union as well as my bigger banks were all in here Quicken 2010 Home & Business Software Quicken went ahead and imported the last 90 days of transactions from my accounts. This is where Quicken shines, pretty much any bank or credit union is setup to have Quicken pull your data. For anyone doing any form of more advanced budgeting Quicken has not fit the bill. With they might have actually done it. This opens a wizard type menu where you can go through and record your expected income, the frequency and then include your various budget categories you want to track. I like the fact that you can set a time period Quicken 2010 Home & Business Software things such as Garbage that may be every 2 months or your paycheck which may come twice a month.

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Quicken For Dummies you can also use one of the super-sized versions of Quicken: Quicken Home & Business or Quicken Rental Property Manager. Intuit offers three more Quicken programs above these two packages, including one intended for home and business use. This software version includes greater. Jul 1, - Quicken is the granddaddy of personal finance software, and it's the product users love subscription to the highest tier, Home & Business, costs just $ to Mac is easier for older versions of Quicken ( and greater).

Quicken 2010 Home & Business Software

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