The SOLIDWORKS Student Edition includes:

Last Updated: If you use a virtual machine such as Parallels , you can switch between macOS and Solidworks at anytime seamlessly. Follow the instructions below to install SolidWorks on a Mac. A copy of SolidWorks , or All versions of Solidworks , and work with all versions of Windows 7, 8. To understand the difference between both, check out our article on the best way to run Windows on Mac. Although Boot Camp allows your Mac to devote all of its resources to running SolidWorks thus in theory giving you smoother performance both Macs and Parallels have become more powerful in processing speed and RAM size meaning SolidWorks now works almost as well using Parallels as it does using Boot Camp. The first thing you need to do is follow these instructions to install Windows 10 on Mac for free. Purchase SolidWorks and install it in Windows. Once installed, start SolidWorks so that it makes a few entries in your Windows Registry and then close it. There are then a few tweaks you need to make sure that SolidWorks works properly on your Mac. Make sure that Resource Usage is set to No Limit.

Should you buy Solidworks 2019 for your Mac?


How to run SOLIDWORKS on an Apple Mac

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