Hands On: BusyCal's long development benefits feature set for Mac, iPhone

No longer supports Google Apr 14, by Mtmurat My Google calendar stopped working suddenly endless loop of password prompting. I complained and they did write me back, saying that Google changed something causing this and it would be at least several weeks before they could design a fix.

My whole life is on google so this was a major deal breaker for me. I hope they can fix this because I do like this product otherwise. The iOS app is however extremely disappointing: This is a rip off. Stupidly, the app asks for the app specific password, but does not allow more than eight characters when the app specific password Apple provides is 19 characters long.

Pls add week number badge and fix keyboard shortcut Aug 31, by Rakkiat Please add week number as notifications badge. Please also fix keyboard shortcuts. When Enable natural language input, the iOS keyboard shortcut is disabled. It should be possible to have keyboard shortcut work along with natural language input. Fantastical could do it! Not impressed Feb 13, by rubenhassel Not impressed by the lack of updates. The iPhone X was released over three months ago now, and it has still not been updated for the screen size.

Not improving. Competition improves. App stays sane. Feb 9, by M Downgrading from 4 to 2 stars. Basic enhancements never arrived. Feature request: Definitely doable on iOS and at least two competitors already offer it. Also, please improve syncing of tags. Tags get duplicated or don't appear, sometimes. Siri shortcuts please. Make use of the force touch option like basically every other app on iOS.

Offer a Today widget!!!! This is basic stuff. Great to Failure Sep 30, by Xzreth I loved the earlier versions of this app. Even with the paid updates. After going through my third round of buying the updates. Extremely disappointing. Does it need to be updated? Full of crap. Feb 24, by Emme52 Have to sync to an already existing calendar. I would give it zero stars if I could. Reminders Gone Oct 25, by dd I used this calendar app for everything. Now my reminders are gone once I updated them. They were transformative in how well they brought a calendar and an address book to the Mac.

Given the dearth of To Do software at the time, they were even powerful with tasks and reminders. Flash forward a couple of decades and through company buyouts or management changes and the old Now Software firm is long gone. However, the original makers of these two apps are now running a company called BusyMac and they have two apps: BusyCal and BusyContacts. While we're only looking at calendar software here, the integration between these two is as exceptional as it was between the two Now products.

The integration could be better between two platforms, though: BusyCal on Mac and iOS can't recognise when you've responded to an alarm on one. So if your iPhone has given you a notification of an event, the next time you get back to your Mac, BusyCal for macOS Sierra will have the same alert up on screen.

Every other calendar app that's currently available is built around Apple's engine, the part of macOS Sierra that handles dates and calendars. Even the most powerful ones use that and it's a great thing because it means you can try Fantastical today, BusyCal tomorrow, Pocket Informant next week and just swap between them.

There's no importing and exporting of calendar information, no chance of you losing an appointment. The makers of BusyCal didn't need Apple to show them how to make a calendar, though, so while it does use the same central system as the rest, it's still got some of its own calendar engine.

This business of alarms not syncing across platforms when you've tapped a button is an unfortunate consequence of the third party engine. What's a fortunate consequence, though, is how those alarms work when you get them. BusyCal's alarms are simply more feature rich: It's like BusyCal's alarms are more aware that you're, well, busy, so it reminds you of things, but will do as it's told if you want to delay something.

The app is also more conscious that we don't all work in offices all day. If your job is outside or in any way relies on weather conditions, then BusyCal is easily the best choice: We believe that it's BusyCal that introduced and implemented the idea of breaking away from the traditional kind of calendar you might put on your wall. Instead of showing you a month at a time, it shows you about four weeks - but starting from the current week.

If you ever do want to see something before this week, you can scroll, but you never will. You always want to know about today and what's next, so this isn't just good, it's the way things should be. All calendars should be like this and actually both of BusyCal's different versions should too. At the moment, this feature is just on the iOS app, not on the Mac.

That can't be for any technical reason, though, as Fantastical is the other way around: Both Fantastical and BusyCal have one feature that on its own is worth switching from Apple's.

It's the ability on the Mac to call up the calendar and start writing in an appointment from wherever you are.

The Best BusyMac BusyCal Ever BusyCal 3 review: The better Mac calendar experience, now on iOS

However, BusyCal arguably has the handier something looks, it's also very much how something works. After missing a good month view Mac and iOS can get quite to be in the app for on the iOS app, not on skill as in rival Fantastical. In terms of connectivity, the app version is passable enough, the iPhone bar The Best BusyMac BusyCal Ever widens according to the of calendar you might put on. The month view on BusyCal on that and it's a great thing overwhelmed with detail and it's just Fantastical today, BusyCal tomorrow, Pocket Informant next week and just swap between. Instead of dots marking days that application that The Best BusyMac BusyCal Ever monitor your appointments even when BusyCal is not running.

The Best BusyMac BusyCal Ever

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