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Here are my needs: True, Movie Studio HD Platinum offers helpful Show Me How tutorials that lead the way by opening up the proper dialog boxes and highlighting commands--but the topics covered are the most basic ones, not the ones that will vex people who've moved beyond the basics. When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. But if you do the latter, instead of causing the font size measurements to increase, it enlarges a "scale" setting. If you add multiple effects, and you want to reuse keyframes, you have to click the first effect, tab to a keyframe, and then click back to the second effect before you can adjust the latter's settings. I learned it the hard way the first time I tried it. Furthermore, Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 accelerates only a single function--compared to Premiere Pro's nearly application-wide acceleration. For 2D footage, I found that the conversion was most effective for simple effects like adding 3D titles. But if you are not picky about the audio, you probably would not care about this limitation. At the same time, Sony devotes a special command in the Tools menu to outputting video for playback on a Sony PlayStation Portable, instead of sticking that function in the Make Movie settings. You can edit native 3D content from a 3D camcorder such as the Sony HDR-TD10 , for example, or you can create 3D video from 2D content somewhat effectively ; Sony includes a pair of paper anaglyph 3D glasses in the software box. Most of the editing and DVD production features that I need are fairly straightforward needs, and I haven't had any problems with this version.

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Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 REVIEW (#1 Getting Started)

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