Audio Hijack PC equivalent?

By William Gallagher Sunday, December 09, , The tool for routing audio between apps and audio devices gets a makeover and doesn't add new features but greatly refines what it has. It's a tool that lets you take sound from, say, FaceTime, and route it into your audio editor. Or, with it, you can take half a dozen audio sources and route them all through your Skype call. Loopback was that rare thing —a version 1. Now we know. Loopback 2 is out and, let's not mess about here, we're going to urge you to upgrade. Yet officially there is not one single change to its core functions —this is a major update that has no major functionality changes. What it has is a completely different appearance, and the change is enough to bring out features you didn't use before.


Mac Audio Hijack Tutorial Demo Recording Audio on Mac

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