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PHP developers can benefit from the efficient, well-organized, reusable, and easy-to-understand code that object-oriented programming offers. In this intermediate-level course, Kevin Skoglund introduces object-oriented programming (OOP) principles for PHP. Kevin shows how to define a class, add properties and methods, and create new instances. How To Buy gztdja.me - Object-Oriented Programming With PHP. Acrobat is an Adobe program that allows you to take a document file and present the document in its actual form and format. This program makes the documents perfect for an electronic print view . - [Kevin] Welcome to PHP Object-Oriented Programming with Databases. My name is Kevin Skoglund and I'm excited to teach you how to use PHP's object-oriented programming techniques to work with databases. In this course we will learn the object-oriented syntax for PHP's built-in MySQL adapter.

what version of Lynda.com - Object-Oriented Programming with PHP to buy?

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