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With industry-leading Docker Enterprise 2. With a large percentage of Windows Server applications still running on Windows Server or , companies that postpone migrating legacy applications and systems are vulnerable to security risks and a higher cost of maintenance. Traditional methods such as upgrading the underlying operating system or migrating applications on to new systems or the cloud, require significant resources and only serves to add to the existing technical debt. The Only Platform for Containerizing Windows Server Applications Docker Enterprise is the leading enterprise-ready container platform that provides companies the choice, agility and security needed to efficiently build and manage their entire application portfolio, while reducing overall costs by more than 50 percent. The latest release, Docker Enterprise 2. New features of Docker Enterprise 2. Improved performance and compatibility for Windows Server Applications: Greater insights and availability with out-of-the-box dashboards: Enhanced security and compliance: Through this program many customers experience a 50 percent reduction in the total cost of ownership TCO of applications using Docker Enterprise, freeing up budget for strategic IT initiatives such as cloud migration or edge computing. As part of the services engagement, customers will be able to accelerate discovery and conversion using Docker Application Converter, a tool that automatically scans systems for target applications and speeds up the conversion process by automatically creating Docker artifacts. Additionally, customers will have access to Docker Certified Infrastructure which automates implementation and configuration best practices for integrating containers into enterprise IT infrastructure like VMware vSphere, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.


Migration Windows Server 2003 AD To Windows Server 2016

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