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P 3 chips or not, they record Internet behavior to amplify your consumerism. Do as the suits say, not as they do. Tlie second group is academia. Computer, security majors will boom if scholarships are The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the Alligator. Guest Column offered. Such majors can do what all of academia gets high on making up problems, solving the fictitious or overblown problems, sharing the knowledge with their peers, forciiig students to swallow it and finding available teaching positions to continue the cycle.

Academic advisers will convince impressionable freshmen they can be a computer security expert. Chris Uzal The third group is Uncle Sham itself. Now that Y2K has become "Y 2 you know" after sev several eral several billion dollars, the same interest groups that lobbied Y2K spending have become smarter.

The cyber-terrorist is an ever-present threat that is unconstrained by the bonds of time or space. He or she is liable to rewrite your entire web page in jive or kick you and all your sick cyber sex friends out of a chat room just when things are heating up.

Exactly where the government is going with this, I don't know. Since the personal com computer puter computer industry's inception, market forces have been more than adequate to create what the markets need. From scanners to modems and LANs to WANs, capitalism works in the com computer puter computer and networking industry. Nobody in his or her right mind would ask the government to intervene in any aspect.

As a poor citizen, you probably have noth nothing ing nothing worth stealing. Definitely nothing to steal electronically. As a rich, fat-rump American, you probably have every inch of your being in insured. Any crime against you can only benefit you. In tne worst case scenario, you simply aren't penalized for somebody using your credit cards, the only crime of which the typi typical cal typical cyberterrorist is capable.

Most folks are for anything that gets rid of "criminals" real or imagined. Thev won't miss a thing when their rights are further eroded. As a clipboard it is great for taking notes. As a bookstand special holders keep your book in place and is easily adjustable for hands-free, quality reading. The side compartment stores one letter size notepad included.

The front storage compartment is for pencils, pens, paperclips and more. Light works with four AA batteries not included. One-year manufacturer's warranty. This Charger comes complete with an AC adapter and a cigarette lighter adapter for use with an outlet or a cigarette lighter.

There are raised dots on seven edges of each disk, while the eighth edge has no dots. Rotate the disks and the dot patterns change so that any pair of adjacent edges will represent any of the 63 dot patterns of the Braille code. There are raised dots on three edges of each disk; the fourth edge is left blank. Cube features a 'turn and click' mechanism so the user can feel and hear a complete rotation.

Disks can be rotated so the dots form any of the 63 dot patterns of the Braille code. Cube measures 1" x 1". Recommended for children 6 and older. It's an ideal way for blind and sighted students alike to learn Braille.

Frame shows the alphabet and numbers The ideal accessory for all academic Braille users.

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WordPerfect Office X7 Professional Edition Software Price $199.95

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